How to Know When You’re Ready to use Sexual Alchemy to Move Through Your Struggles?


Such a great question to ask…. And the actual answer is more of a question actually….  But first I’ll speak to that question directly…. How do you know if you’re ready to use sexual alchemy (Oh and if you didn’t know alchemy… is the transformation of one energy state into another…. Alchemy is just a more romantic word… and in my world I prefer romantic, dreamy language…. Even if that means educating people what the words mean first!)

Anyway, how do you know when you’re ready for this…….  You don’t…. that’s the kicker.   If you have to “know” you’re ready before you start something or commit to learning these methods and integration pieces…. You may be waiting on the sidelines of your life for a lot longer than you have intentions to.

See the real magic of moving through your struggles is making a commitment to personal growth, commit to learning things outside your scope of awareness and outside of your comfort zone…. You have to be willing to have a beginners mind….. you know… all the things you encourage in your child, when they are curious to try something new and different that catches their attention.


Now when I say commitment I don’t mean you cant quit, the program, the relationship, the whatever….. no, no, no…. I mean commit to the path of growth….. because if you look to nature everything is either growing, dying, or dormant!   And seriously how long do you want to stay dormant in your life waiting for some outside force to force you into the action of growing or dying… that’s why as humans we were given a cortex…. to make decisions and choose our own paths in life that lead us to various experiences!


Once you make the commitment to personal growth and mastering the self, the question becomes “Do I desire to explore this sexual alchemy path, because I’m curious, or because I’m interested, because I used to like sex, or I still like sex, because I’ve been struggling for so long in these burned-out, and exhausted states and not getting the results I want….. and THEN…. And only THEN along the way of the path, after you’ve been doing it consistently over a period of time  you WILL KNOW if you’re ready to keep using sexual alchemy or choose a different path.    AND maybe you like the sexual alchemy thing, but you just don’t like the teacher or guide, so you commit to finding someone more aligned with your energy.

I’m looking for a maximum of 22 women to be founding members, that are ready to explore their inner world, using sexual alchemy to integrate the changes in their body as they move through the mental, and emotional struggles of the burnt-out feeling, the exhaustion, and the overwhelm that motherhood often throw us into as women.   An online adventure so you have the privacy of your own home, that fits into your schedule to do the practices. You will learn processes and practices, so you can feel in your body what it means to be connected, where sexuality is no longer separate from every other part of your life.

It becomes the Ignited light that radiates from within.

I’ve created a seven week online experience and group coaching experience, where together we journey through your inner worlds, Discovering the art of self-acceptance as you integrate this new way of being into your body.

Using  sexual energy as alchemy, mind/body wisdom, and ancient knowledge mothers can begin to heal and transform their patterns of burn-out, exhaustion, disconnect, & self-doubt….. you can heal the depression inside of you, make friends with anxiety, and strengthen your connection to your body.

 You will learn various practices that are short and geared towards a mother’s busy time-strapped schedule so you can begin to Integrate the lost or hidden pieces of yourself, with your body as you move through your patterns of struggle to open up more energy flow inside yourself so you feel energized throughout your days, weeks and months of chaos that  the motherhood journey really is. 

At the end of the seven weeks you will have a strong foundation in the cycles of energy.  You will be able to look within yourself to re-frame any situation that keeps you feeling stuck and dis-empowered, and come to understand how focusing on "the way it is right now and being to realistic" is a disaster waiting to happen,  and that strengthening your commitment to personal growth and mastering the self is a much better map to begin to use, than thinking “this to shall pass” not everything gets better by waiting it out.

Keep in mind however when using sexual alchemy side effects may include: stronger, longer and more orgasms, throughout your body.  Deeper connections within all the relationships in your life and  meeting new friends you didn't even know were missing from your life.

If you want to learn more, or are interested in being one of the 22 mothers for this program. you have three paths to choose from message me directly  (I’ll respond personally!


Download my Secret Language of the Body, to get on my email list, cause the emails are going out until may 22/2019 searching for you and the other mothers!


Choose to do nothing… cause that is still a choice… so make it a conscious one!!




Are you ready to reclaim lost and hidden parts of yourself?

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