An Important Part of Being a Mother Today

Create a New Story....... of Connection


Exhaustion in mothers is a real thing…. for obvious reasons!!!

          But what if…  just what if……you actually learned how to recharge yourself in the midst of your journey through motherhood, maybe you could then embrace all their curiosity, hell maybe we’d even join the children and get more curious about the wonders around us AND IN US!!


An important part of being a mother in this day and age is breaking the negative patterns our ancestors created due to their limiting stories that did not have access to other empowered mothers, or female sexuality….. Annnnd for the most part women in general!


         While we can honor the people and their stories, and forgive everyone and everything…… we need to get moving to create new stories and new paths for ourselves, for our partners & also with our partners…..

                           And especially for our children and our children’s children.


HOWEVER if you are reading this that means IT STARTS WITH YOU…..


                    As it should….. As mothers, we are the ones life moves through, until healing on all levels takes place in the mother, nothing really changes.


    We can have all the marches, and all the rallies in the world….. But an unhealed body still holds the stories and the blueprints that are no longer in service to us….. In fact they only attract more wounding trying to get our attention to heal.


Sexual Alchemy is about so much  more than only erogenous zoned focused.   Sexual Alchemy is tuning into our sexual energy which for those that don’t know is often referred to as creative life force energy.   Many healers that work with energy stick to that phrase because it is much more spiritually accepted and safe for the masses (which is not you if, your reading this....because you are a curious explorer if The Ignited Path called out to you!) 


              Only referring to as creative life force energy allows people to dissociate from their sexual selves.... this is…… a disservice to the human body, because we need to include healing our genitals, and sexual selves into the realm of healing and reclamation of wholeness.


          Sexual energy is a strong foundation of change because it encompasses the body and heals it from the bottom up…. when done in a conscious way it illuminates, ignites and clears so much along the way as the energy of change moves up through the body…… Think how powerful a volcano is, when it grows, or a rocket sent into space…..both start from the ground.


       The question I really want to ask today and it might be too deep for now, but I’ll ask it anyway because someone has to start the conversation. 

                   How is your relationship with your body?

                                                                 What do you feel?

To get more specific….. How is the relationship and connection with your vagina?  

              Actually since this email is about creating new stories….. Let’s change the words,   Vagina is a little too clinical for The Ignited Path (in reality I’ll probably be to clinical at times, I am still a massage therapist, so I do talk anatomical terms around here too!)


            What’s the word you use to describe your female genitals? Vulva is only the outside.   Some circles use Yoni, it doesn’t land for me to incorporate into my writing, and cunt….although it is the only word that encompasses our entire genitalia, I haven’t found an ease for it to actually be said verbally to often! 


How do you feel about the word pussy.... what happens? Do you roll your eyes? (Is it over used these days in your circles?) Does the word make you recoil or light you up?

                     Does it even phase you?   If I'm being honest it took me to my late 30’s to get comfortable saying it out loud….and I had to practice..... I felt contraction in my body just saying it….like if I spoke the word out loud I might be burned at the stake or something!!

                    Can you relate?


NONETHELESS my big question is when you say it out loud or read it….. do you feel sensation in your body.... if so where? What’s the sensation!


Whoa….. Have you ever thought to tune and learn to speak the language of sensation? 

               Cause THIS is the foundation of communication with your body, start to understand and practice tuning into sensations and your connection to your body


Today I’m inviting you to do this one thing, I will leave you with..... My magic elixir that I recommend over and over here at The Ignited Path.....


The mysterious Language of Sensations (understanding how your body communicates)


                 Really if you only get one take away from this path before you turn around and call it a day go with learning to speak the language of sensations your body will thank you greatly.


            If you were to look at your head, your body, your life..... Where do you feel or think is the most disconnection within you? I love a good conversation so please do email me with your thoughts I respond personally. (The benefits to being undiscovered by the masses!)


I don’t want to just jump into the motherhood and sexuality talk to deep today with you, cause it’s kind a little like penetrating your pussy before she’s ready and willing..... so think of this blog like extended foreplay….. let’s start with sensations.


          I'll talk to you soon,


     P.S. Sensations aren’t always the easiest language to learn…. for example…. “pain” is a collection of sensations, being able to narrow in on one or two sensations within that pain goes alot further to build a bridge of communication with your body, so that it lets go of that “pain”…. need some help with more descriptive words…. I created some PDF downloadable for you…. you can click here and grab yours today.


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