An Open Letter to the Strong Mothers Who Are Trying to Keep it all Together,

An open letter to the strong mothers who are trying to keep it all together,

To the mothers, that stay in the shadows pretending all is well… I see you… I was you…. I’m here to show a way through it….. When I seek my own support to help me learn to break through the noise on the internet to reach you, my support team helps me get clear on who I serve  to offer the support, guidance,  mentoring, and coaching  that I do and WHAT is their exact problems I solve with my work..... this is what comes up... AND do you know anyone like this who wants what I offer.....


You are a mother who lost herself somewhere in the journey.... If I asked you out right, you don’t know which piece you lost of yourself..... you go through the motions of life longing to feel like you did before you had kids but feel the weight of responsibility of tending to everyone else’s needs...... when you’re alone by yourself , you feel a side of yourself you never talk about .... you remember the hot and steamy days of your youth.... the first time a boy touched your pussy.... you remember wanting to kiss him for hours... to feel his body pressed against yours, a hard cock in your hands for the first time..... to feel him inside you ..... you willingly gave blow jobs back then but hate giving them know.... you resent your husband for not seeing you, not noticing you, not engaging in your interests with you.... you don’t long to fall back in love with him, you imagine freedom where you don’t need to feel his rejection, lack of support and stale conversation night after night, and be mostly invisible to him because the tv captivates his interest more than you.


When you’re alone you watch the movies that give you butterflies, wishing you were that women.... then you turn off the tv or close the book..... and tell yourself that’s not your life.... to face reality.... you’re to old, you haven’t been able to get your body back, it’s to uncomfortable to get naked in front of anyone.... you’re a mom, and moms adventures in life are behind them now…. Afterall what would your kids think of you…. So embarrassing.


You keep telling yourself no. No... no...... when silently and unheard your body is screaming yes yes yes..... because your head repressed that voice until it feels like an anxiety attack happening..... your husband has his own insecurities around sex and you think you doing anything to address yours will trigger his, or worse he’ll think you’re being slutty or a whore... so you do nothing.


You don’t want to rock the boat... but oh man do you ever WANT to rock the boat..... you have no idea you are a pattern disruptor, and your soul came here to heal the ancestral lines of the women that came before you, so your children and your children’s children are free from carrying the pains of the past.... Instead you think there is something wrong with you so you manifests all kinds of illnesses that keep you from exploring anything else but pain (I’d throw the book the The Great Pain Deception at you, if you were within arms reach!)


You secretly long to be a mother gone wild, even if it’s just for a weekend, but you will never never never admit it...... You’ve read all three 50 Shades of Grey but, said it was a bad story, and although you longed to feel that much surrender to a man you remind yourself the character was young, naive and dumb and taken advantage of by him.... and you would never let a man have that much ‘control’ over you .... you failed to tune into the sensations inside yourself as you read the book.... instead choosing to think about the story and stay locked inside your head.


Occasionally on a girls trip after way to many bottles of wine you may find yourself dancing on the table with a man half your age.... you will reconnect with this feeling inside you, if only for a moment.... (it has nothing to do with the man, and everything to do with feeling of your own sensations inside yourself) but once back in your natural habitat...... you will eat away this feeling, shop away this feeling, bake and bake away this  will even start your own business trying to make this feeling go away...


You are a people pleaser, a teachers pet.... and over achiever.... and you will do anything and everything to never let anyone know that you have sexual desires.... because it’s just not motherly.... it would probably make you a bad mother in other people’s eyes.


And yah you’re not looking for me, but you feel me and look everywhere else..... it’s going to take you awhile before you even download my free stuff, let alone invest in yourself to have access to my paid support and programs.....but one day you will.... because I don’t go away... Every rabbit hole you go down will lead to me or someone like me.... what will get you to invest in yourself, in this area of your life.... not a fucking clue.... you’re stubborn as fuck on top of all of this.... very much always arguing for you’re limitations and letting the years slip by.


Your real problem.... you THINK you’re broken and to far gone to fix, it’ll be to much work, to much money, take to much time away from the family.....


How do I really help you.... I show you how to cut the chains off your soul and ignite a fire deep inside you that will light the way to living your best life, where you are excited for each day to unfold and ready to move and dance with whatever life throws your way and at the same time creating memories that last a lifetime.....And I will show you how to walk right back into love with your husband, so the two of you can grow together in love AND passion!


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