What Are You Making it Mean?


     Motherhood has hands down been my greatest, self-growth & self development path, (reclaiming my sexual side is part of that motherhood journey, in case you wondering!)  However, if you want another really good self growth self development path you should try building a business from scratch!

    While I have faith and confidence in my skills as a Massage therapist, as a Coach, and as a Conduit of Healing, the one area of my business the causes me the most challenge is sales and the other person.

      I have a habit of taking a lot of things personal and in business this is NOT a great place to let that happen!  Especially when your business is service-based ..... you just can’t take it personally with the other person's decisions because their decision to work with me, or to stay on my email list is personal to them.  Which means I’ve had to do and continue to do a lot of work on my mindset and my inner game.

I had to ask myself:
"Cori what are you making sales and subscribes mean..... what are you making unsubscribes and no’s mean?

        Annnnd....... well how you do anything is kinda how you do everything so of course it feels like dating all over again.....

Of course if someone says no or unsubscribed I would take it to mean I suck.... they didn’t choose me. And that if they said yes and continue to say yes. It means I’m awesome."

             Do you see how this could become a problem??

      The first years of business are up and down, the first years of dating, or reentering dating are up and down.... and the first years of motherhood are up and down......cause we don’t trust ourselves, to know its a process of learning....  and that is not that we suck.   When other people are involved, whether its a client, a partner, a baby... it becomes more challenging. 

    If we don’t evaluate our own thoughts. mindsets, and worth within ourselves, (so we can cut ourselves some slack that we are learning), then how can we expect to grow?

So I meditated (Which in this case meant I put on loud music that lights my soul up and the lyrics that speak to my body, while the sound vibrates all around me and through me which really grounds me and opens me up all at once..... and I put that song on repeat while I layed there in a dark room).....

          Then I freestyle wrote a new story for myself to align with..... and I let my soul have her say.... not just my rational mind.

When someone says yes to my freebies, yes to staying on my email list, yes to working with me one on one.... SHE is saying yes to the depth she wants in her empowerment, dreams, and desires of her soul.... she gets to say yes to all that, at the level she is ready for!

                 She is saying yes to the journey inward.

She is saying yes to reclaiming the lost and hidden parts of her self.

               She saying yes to the new way of being.

She is saying yes to reconnecting with her partner in a way she never thought possible.

             She is saying yes to stepping into a new way of looking at the world she lives in.

She is saying yes to claiming her body and yes to connecting to it in a new way, where her body becomes a place of safety, comfort, and radiance.....where she can throw in some some sexy sensual sass if she wants that too!

             AND I wrote a new story if they say maybe to all I offer..... that they just need time to make a choice, and they are welcome to take as long as they need to. (As long as they are aware that no choice, is still a choice!!)

AND I wrote myself a new story about what a no from someone means, what an unsubscribe means.....           

           It means they aren’t ready for me, and that’s okay... that by not choosing me, they are choosing themselves..... and when they choose themselves.... they still got the transmission of The Ignited Path..... their journey of healing and reclamation just takes them somewhere else, the next right step for them and that their no to me means someone else now has the chance to work with me, so they are also helping out another sister by making space!

So my question to you..... that struggle you’ve been having.... what are you making it mean??

How could you rewrite a new story? A story your higher self, your soul might write..... one where the universe isn’t out to get you?




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