A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts Here

Have you ever seen the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman movie ‘Far and Away’…. You know that scene near the end with the Oklahoma Land run of 1893…. The one where people come from all over to stake their claim in free land hoping to turn their dreams of prosperity and abundance into a reality…..   That is sort of how I feel right now the day before the ‘official’ launch of a this 14 month, 600 hr. adventure I have committed to……  

A Sex, Love, & Relationship Certification through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality…. With people I am proud to claim as my mentors Layla Martin & Andrew Simpson and their awesome team at the Tantric Institute

WOW did I just type that out and publish it online……NOT in the container of our safe little Facebook group???  

Well if you are reading I sure did just announce that!

Back to that feeling in the Oklahoma1893 land run… all the anticipation of what’s to come….  Waiting for that gun to go off to signal go!!!  Sitting on the precipice of go I say ’sort of feeling’ because it is no longer a question of “Will I get some land”…. I got that on 1/11/17 @ 1:11 when I purchased the domain name www.theignitedpath.com  (if you know anything metaphysical of numbers… those are pretty good and I wasn’t aiming for that, only realized it once it was done!)

So here I am… I have my land…… But I have no services yet…. Because…. Well because I’m still discovering that part…. The whole reason to this adventure!

Some people are taking it to discover sexuality as they are already part of the coaching world and want to add to their services…… Me…. I've had my ups and downs with my relationship to sex however in the last few years that sexuality part cracked wide open thanks to whatever that energy is between me and my man. And it's because the stuff I have experienced with him and with in myself, that helped me to find the courage to embark on this path, so that I can help others find their way.

… I feel confident going into this first quarter (details will come in future posts!)  

It’s the second and third quarter I’m taking this course for…..to become part of the coaching world….. To learn Layla’s process of coaching transformation and healing…. ts been calling my name loud and clear for three years for sure…. I attempted a course in 2013….But it felt off and irritated the fuck out of me…. Something was missing…. Sitting here typing….. It was sex, it was the physical body integration part.   I need these two components…. If I am to actually coach….They are two of my passion…. The Human body and Sexuality….. they LIGHT ME UP!!

So before I can introduce and invite anyone to actually walk along The Ignited Path…. I need to get comfortable with it, I need to feel it, let it reveal itself to me, let me carve it out……  What I can invite you do is witness this journey, to learn about me, to get to know me ….. so that when the time comes and I open the gates you will already know, like and trust me to be your guide on your own journey to your own version of The Ignited Path, lit up with your radiant love and pleasure……

So for now sign up to be the first ones to get updates on my journey…. I can’t tell you what to expect but I can tell you when the path is carved with SEX, LOVE, & RELATIONSHIP…. There will be something on it, you might want to witness because:

When you hold love in your head and love in your heart you will hear the whisper of your soul as it leads you on your paths in life…..   THAT is how I live my life since those words came to me, as I broke open in march of 2009….. and THOSE WORDS are my guides that help me create THE IGNITED PATH!

Welcome to my world!