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Let's unlock your mysteries.



Ignited Soul Strategy Session
3 introductory sessions




Do you find it difficult to know what you really want from life?

These 3 introductory sessions are designed to establish a relationship and identify the barriers to your healing. We will begin to unlock the mysteries of you.

Are you feeling:

  • Exhausted, drained or burnt out
  • Overwhelmed and struggling with poor body image
  • Longing for more connected sex, but have low or no desire
  • Like you wake up uninspired
  • You know something needs to change but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to want to have sex again
  • Sex is last on your list of things you need help with

Now is your time to blaze the trail.


does this sound like you?

✓ You're curious about how connecting with sexual energy can fix your issues
✓ You are new to the world of coaching and are hesitant to invest fully in yourself
✓ You aren’t ready for a super committed, larger investment transformation package

Inspire and ignite your life


Most of us sit around and estimate the price of change, what we would have to give up or alter in our lives if we decide to embrace the unknown and truly change.

Instead, we should actually be asking ourselves: 

What will this cost me if I DON’T change?
What will I miss out on in my life if I don’t make a shift?

When we get clear about what we want, what our bigger picture is, our motivation for wanting this, and creating an action plan to get pointed in that direction, our energy gets set in motion and this is how we get rejuvenated and unstuck from where we are. 



The Ignited Soul Strategy Session is a 3 Session Coaching Package

session 1

Clarity on Sexual Alchemy

This session is all about getting clarity on what you want.

Together we focus on finding your desires and anchoring them in your body.
Sexuality and your sex life are part of the questions to finding out what you want.
You get introduced to foundational body practices that include the use of Focus, sound, breath, and movement.
You learn that when your sexual energy is flowing, it fills you from the bottom up, it ignites creative ideas for all other areas of your life to surface within you.

session 2

Exploring Sexual Alchemy

This session is all about exploration.

We explore the big picture of your life, finding the big picture, the vision what’s driving these desires, as well as identify the roots that nourish you along the way.

Without looking for the vision and the roots, your motivation to embark on lasting change will fall short, together we make the invisible visible or another way to put it, make the unconscious conscious.

session 3

Discover Sexual Alchemy

This session is all about taking action.

We identify some key blocks that might come up and then
We make an action plan, that you keep. Whether you continue to work with me, go at it alone, or choose to work with some one else, you leave session 3 with resources, insights, and a personal map to get you where you want to go.



Would you like to experience:

✓ more energy and less exhaustion
✓ freedom from being pulled in every direction
✓ feeling more whole and connected
✓ feel like you are finally living the life you are supposed to be living
✓feeling happy and fulfilled

If so, these introductory sessions are for you. Don’t think about what might go wrong, think about all that could go right. Ignite the spark within again! If you don’t who will?

*All sessions include learning the foundational practices that introduce you to getting more in touch with your body to learn the language of sensation.Sex and genitals will be talked about , no nudity is involved. Home-play will be given to really integrate all the work we do together.



Your Investment

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Join me for an introductory journey to you.

This three part series is a $900 value for the one time investment of $300.


Are you ready to experience you?