Now You Can Have More Connection to your Body and Make Friends With Anxiety!

What does it take for a mother to choose something for herself?

How ‘bad’ does it get before you say, something needs to change?

And when she gets there what actually makes her take the next step and invest in herself......

I mean really any amount of money is always going to be to much when you have kids to provide for..... there is always something they need... cause children grow outta things fast.... or at least they do in my house!

There is always another activity and related expenses, you know so they can have the experiences.

And here’s the thing.... they’ve got you supporting them..... but tell me who and what supports YOU?

Who’s encouraging you to try new experiences.... who’s making sure you’re eating and sleeping.... and encouraging you to rest?

Who’s encouraging you not to keep all those emotions bottled up inside, lest they fester into bigger issues?

If you’re like me no one.... I have to consciously give back to myself..... (which I encourage you to try it on for yourself… give to yourself the way you give to your kids and partner.)

In the last year I’ve given back to myself in business training..... which might not sound like self-care..... except business training feeds a part of my soul.... the part that used to be driven, ambitious, and focused..... the part that likes to learn and develop new skills….only I gave her up to have kids and serve my family.

But after divorcing in 2009, it was no longer an option to be the stay at home mom and the paperwork person for our then business..... I had to become the provider.....

and this provider role is no joke either!

So now I’m the mom, the provider, the maid, the chauffeur , the short order cook, the Gardner, its a lot….. this solo-parenting thing! 

But whatever I’m stubborn I’ll find a way through it all.... haha..... and I did.... 

As a way to calm my anxiety in 2015 I joined an online program called Wild Soul Movement with Elizabeth DiAlto it  was one launch past the test run/beta launch when I discovered her work and it was a major catalyst in so much reclaiming that wild part of me that felt empowered to keep growing.

For me it wasn’t necessarily the program that impacted me it was the way Elizabeth led with intuition, trusting herself, going against the norm.... truly being herself and owning it.  I had never witnessed someone leading like that, but since then those people show up everywhere in my life and I love it.

Taking chances, making mistakes, and serving the people they are meant to serve..    yes please.... that’s the kind of leader and facilitator I am..... 

I opened the doors to find my founding members for The Ignited Soul Experience on Saturday.... just a real soft door kind of opening....

And then Saturday night my daughter broke her arm.... so I pulled an all nighter at the hospital and spent all of Mother’s Day there by her side.... no launching anything!

It’s Tuesday as I write this and the after effects of being awake for 35 hours are kicking me in the ASS..... hard!!

And yet here I am.... coming back out to resume my search.... because another bonus of making friends with anxiety is cultivating resilience!

Did you ever like adventures, trying something new and different? Do you still?

Do you experiences bouts of depressive energy? Are you like me and anxiety sometimes gets the best of you?

How’s your relationship with your body? Cause I am all about helping anyone understand their body and all the messages it sends in that Cryptic language of sensations, pain, and dis-ease..... I can sniff those out like a German Shepard police drug dog.

So I’m back on my mission of looking for my founding members for the Ignited Soul Experience.... and maybe it really isn’t the right time for you and I get it, really I do.... I’m requesting support if you’ve read this far.... can you share this on your social media channels.....

I’d pay for the ads to reach more people however being that I mention the word sex in my messages, and everything links to my website which talks about sexuality it makes it impossible for them to be approved through Facebook and Instagram..... so I’m left having to find another way.... *might* be a central theme to my life.....

But you know what, I’m just that crazy to keep going with this mission to help mothers heal the depression within themselves, make friends with anxiety and strengthen their relationship with their bodies..... all the while using sexual alchemy, mind/body wisdom and ancient knowledge to do so..... don’t believe me..... watch me.... better yet join me and get yourself signed up to be a founding member of The Ignited Soul Experience......

Be the change you wish to see in this world!!!


P.S. Want to check out The Ignited Soul Experience….. see if being a founding member and an new adventures something that speaks to you…. even if it’s a whisper, what would happen if you listened?? CLICK HERE for more details




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