Sexuality ought to be Discovered NOT Inherited


Sexuality ought to be discovered not inherited

I read a post recently that spirituality needs to be discovered not inherited and I whole heartily agree..... as organized religion often gets shoved down kids throats because the parents believe it’s the only way...... and it got me thinking....

It’s the same with sexuality.....
        As mothers, our sexual evolution has been, for the most part, stuck in the past due to the layers of conditioning that pushes on a type of repression on being a sexual women and a mother.
With judgement projected on us...
      “She’s a mother now, why is she dressing like that.”

                    “How awful for the kids they must be so embarrassed with their mother parading around in that outfit.”

           “What message is she giving her daughters.”

AND THE WORST PART...... is most of the judgement is coming from other women. If you're wise to projections, you realize this says more about the person saying it than about the person they are talking about..... So if you express your sexuality, pay no attention and keep shining!

 We first learn what it means to be a women throughout childhood by observing our own mothers and the women around us..... and we observed what it meant to be a mother..... so if all the women in your family believed sex was dirty and shameful,  you may have unconsciously picked up on this vibe without even knowing..... and when you became a mother this unconscious belief may have come to the surface to allow you to inherit this  view or discover a new way.

      It’s only recently that more and more women are giving themselves the freedom to discover sexuality in its many, varied forms for themselves.... and this needs to include women that are mothers..... or nothing changes..... that as a society we perpetuate the myth that sexuality of mothers needs to go away or go into the shadows..... kinda fucked don’t you think, since sex is how we usually get the babies and become mothers in the first place.

See like it or not nothing in society changes until the mothers change, cause when the mothers change, the way they raise their children changes and that allows their children more choices on how to raise their children.

    As more mothers begin to claim back themselves as "sexual women’ I believe that we, the entire human race, are at the cusp of a mass awakening.

Some food for thought and I'm totally up for discussion and exploration....: Did you discover your sexuality or did you inherit your beliefs and behaviors from the ones that came before you?   




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