A Missing Link in Self-Care

If you asked me what I do, whether it be in Sexual Alchemy Coaching or Myofascial Release massage, my answer is the same, the techniques are different as one is hands on the other is guidance so you learn for yourself....but I provide the same thing with both..... Connection with the physical body, connection to the deeper parts of you....physically,mentally & emotionally.

 I provide Connection, compassion, and courage to change your perception of your challenges, so you can thrive in your human body.

       I coach because I because I want us all to have deeper connection, communication, intimacy, and room for vulnerability and love. 

I am a coach because we need help and deep healing in our sexuality. 

      I am a coach because men and women need to be educated about their bodies and sexuality in a way that isn’t scary, demeaning, or leave people feeling shame or guilt around being a sexual being.

I am a Sexual Alchemy coach because sexuality and intimacy are expressions of our life force energy that encompasses creativity and love.

            If our sexuality isn’t being expressed it will show up as problems in other areas of her body and life.

As a society we are encouraged to exercise our bodies, work on our fitness levels, work on our eating habits, look at our money habits, continuing education for work, we work on our communications to advance at work,  Our emotions get air time with friends........ soooooo why is it that to work on our sexuality is always avoided on the list of self-development?

Why wait until the shit hits the fan and you're on the brink of a relational breakdown before you seek to work on this area of your life.

               Sexuality is just another route for transformation and change. 

What do I mean by that..... There is the top down approach psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy positive affirmations are all working with the cortex..... they are only talk talk talk that talk therapy from the top down. 

           The sideways approach is meditation lay there in silence. Your mind must transcend the body is the goal.

Neither of those work with the primal brain with the original imprinting conditioning from our parents or caregivers...... neither actually connects us back to our bodies.

               The bottom up approach of bodywork, somatic therapy is this! It incorporates the body into healing and releasing stress.

Sexuality and sexual energy comes from this route. The bottom up part of the bottom up approach without including our genitals and sexual energy into the equation of healing will leave our systems incomplete.
       We need to include our experiences and beliefs around sexuality in order to have a complete healing of wholeness of self.
Self-care with our bodies and with our sexuality is important as mothers, whether we know it or not our kids are watching...... Do you want your daughters to grow up to neglect themselves once they have kids?
      Do you want your sons to grow up and think its okay to let the woman in his life never have a break cause his mother didn't why does his wife need one.
   Do we want to model to our teens that being an adult means the fun and sexiness stops..... I know I don't because, in my experience the more connected to my sexual side I am, the more safe they feel to have those tough conversations with me.

HOWEVER the real missing link I notice in self care and the biggest challenge I find around the whole thing of mothers connecting back to their sexuality, and really making it a priority is safe places to talk, to ask questions and not just from one-person but from a variety of women..... to not be alone in this desire, to not feel like you have this secret "thing" your working on..... What I know I need is community of sisterhood, of like minded women where I'm free to talk about my insecurities, celebrate my breakthroughs, hear different view points, challenge my belief systems....hell even reveal belief systems I didn't even know I had until I heard them.

Connecting women through a community is part of my vision..... Introducing them to my sisterhood of Sex,Love, and Relationship coaches so that if I'm not the fit for your one on one needs...my guarantee is I will find you one! So if you want to say in the loop make sure you grab my 9 Mindset Hacks below and get on my email list!

What do you feel like is a missing link in self-care for mothers? Comment below, i'm curious to find out how others see it.

If you feel the pull to 1:1 work with me the link is HERE if you need further information to make a decision!




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