Cori's Story: Sexual Alchemy & Taking Charge of Your Sexual Destiny


Welcome to the Ignited Path, where you can take control of your sexual destiny.

I’m taking a stand for a new future. One that says, “Yes, sex is important in a relationship,” and, “I’m willing to work on my sexual self through learning knowledge and integrating it into my body to keep it a priority in my life and with in my relationship.”


I won’t ever forget what it was like to not want sex.


I won’t ever forget what it was like to not want sex, to not want to be touched, for him to ‘just hurry up and cum already so it can be over’. I won’t forget how I didn’t understand why he wanted to look at my vagina. I found the site of “them” repulsive and gross, and just.... no. ESPECIALLY after kids! The entrance to my vagina was no longer the same. The effects of an episiotomy changed the landscape of my genitals the way a flood erodes the banks of a river. What could possibly be erotic about what I perceived as a ‘disgusting vagina’. From where I sit now, it is anything but disgusting. I’d even venture to call it all magical and beautiful. That’s how much of 360 degree turn I took when I started working on and through my sexuality and my own blocks.


I won’t forget what felt like to be numb and dead inside.


Sex for me, became the barometer for the overall state of my relationship. I won't forget what it felt like to be numb and dead inside. This is was no way to live my life. What was it going to take to bring the spark of life back to my soul? I had to make choices. The hard choices were difficult to make, but they were worth it since they created the best long term outcomes. And the easy choices, even if though they were less painful to make at first, ended up hurting me in the long run.


The topic of sex can be a heady one. It is still so taboo in our current society and in turn, our bodies have become taboo. We don't want to appear vulgar or slutty so we don't discuss sex or our bodies. It should be kept private as to not shock or offend anyone. But if we can't discuss our bodies and the act of sex how can we heal ourselves? 

I learned to freely and openly speak about our sexual centres, the words associated with our erogenous tissue.

  • Vagina
  • Penis
  • Cervix
  • Testicles
  • Anus
  • Breasts


I believe As a society we need to heal our shame.


I believe as a society we need to heal our shame, fear and wounding while also expanding and celebrating our sexual nature pleasure and desire. Mothers can transform their body mind and emotions to liberate trauma limiting beliefs and sexual blockages. People forget that Mothers are still women and women are hungry for better more connected sex. We can create pathways within the body for women to discover new ways of loving and making love that lead to deeper experiences of wholeness within.


I’ve gotten to a point in my own learning and experiences that I am overflowing with the effects of my own self development and growth. There are days when I feel special and unique and it gives me some super power to deal with all the shit life hands me. But there’s always that other part pushing me to grow, to expand and to step up and ignite the inner wisdom of others.


In my journey to support others, I am a champion of embodied sexual wholeness, a voice of integrated wisdom and of unconditional love. A champion of healthy evolved and intimate relationships where men and women thrive together.


Are you ready to embrace your oneness?


Cori Watson Sexual Alchemy Coach




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