Conception is Part of the Motherhood Journey


If you found your way here, you're most likely somewhere along the motherhood journey. Yes, I know you may be at the sacred 'trying to conceive' stage, yet this is STILL part of the Motherhood Journey.


What if I told you that becoming a mother has already started in your mind?

If you've been trying and trying to conceive, maybe even for years, with regular (or irregular) period cycles followed by frustration, and sadness. That heartache is real. Please, believe me, that you are already a mother.

Your mornings may involve taking your temperature, charting it on a graph, waiting for ovulation or the temperature dip to show you implantation. You may check your cervix, your mucus. Perhaps you've even eliminated all 'the bad foods' and do yoga and other fertility exercises. Your life revolves around conceiving a baby. Forget pleasure. Sex with your partner is timed. It now serves an important purpose. “How fast can he cum?”, you are focused on his ejaculation, on getting that sperm to the egg. You want to be a mother, dammit! Why is your body so cruel?

You sound pretty focused on a baby.

Sounds like you are already a mother because let me tell you the words all may be different when there's a baby, but the energy behind it, that is mother energy all the way. Focused on the baby, focused on 'doing it right' focused, focused, focused. That's how we women lose ourselves and if you're on the conception train and that's all you’re thinking about then you're probably already losing yourself. Losing that connection to your partner and losing the connection of pleasure in sex (if you even had that, to begin with.) This is not good, do you know why? Because it's a really shitty foundation for your relationship. Your body isn't wrong, it's actually protecting itself from your mind. What? WTF does that even mean, right?

When we focus on our mind, all the energy of our body goes up to our head.

Think of an office worker focused on a computer. All of the energy is focused on the task, not on the magic of our womb. Stay in focused mode too long and you'll be out of alignment with your body.

Yes I know the doctor says your XYZ isn't right, the numbers are off, here's a pill to correct it. I know I don't need to go over this stuff with you, you've lived it for too long. I have tremendous compassion for infertility struggles, that is why I include it as part of the motherhood journey.

You are one of us. You are a fellow mother and I want to guide you into alignment within your body. When a woman's mind is in alignment with her body, the magic and wisdom of her body are in charge, and that is powerful, connected, and let's just say it right now, orgasmic!!


Cori Watson Sexual Alchemy Coach



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