what is sexual alchemy?

Alchemy is the transformation of matter. In the process of extracting gold, an elixir is added to stone and the gold is revealed. Working with Sexual Alchemy I believe that you can open your consciousness by embracing your sexuality, finding deep, lasting change. Really, Sexual Alchemy is about moving from your head into your body and bridging the gab where you feel safe in your own body to let go of inhibitions.
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I have no sex drive. Can I still learn from you?

Often mothers feel a disconnect or lack of desire for and during sex. Struggles with body confidence and self love, and a desire to reconnect with your body and feel more connected during sex are all too common. Using sexual alchemy a a tool can help you forget about the "act" of sex and to focus on healing.
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I'm not pregnant yet. am I still a mother?

Yes! If you found your way here, you're most likely somewhere along the motherhood journey. Yes, I know you may be at the sacred 'trying to conceive' stage, yet this is STILL part of the Motherhood Journey. I work with clients in every stage of their journey to help them back to themselves. 

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How do you define the motherhood journey?

Motherhood is a journey that begins far before conception. It is the journey that begins with the first twinkle of a desire to become a mother and ends with us in our final breaths. I'm here to help mothers find themselves in all stages of this journey and to move forward into a more fulfilled life. 

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How do I know if this is for me?

If you wake up more often than not wondering what happened to the woman you used to be before the responsibility of raising kids consumed your life, don’t blame anyone. It happens more often than not!  As mothers when life moves through us it opens up our capacity to love beyond anything we’ve known before, and with each child we bear, that capacity to love increases more and more. It is up to us as mothers to give back to ourselves.

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how do you define your own journey?

I won’t ever forget what it was like to not want sex, to not want to be touched, for him to ‘just hurry up and cum already so it can be over’. I won’t forget how I didn’t understand why he wanted to look at my vagina. I found the site of “them” repulsive and gross, and just.... no. ESPECIALLY after kids! Sexual Alchemy changed my perspective entirely.
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